Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Even with all things I have to do, I still have time to be bored

      ...and when I get bored, I get dizzy

      ...and when I get dizzy, I get hungry

      ...and when I get hungry, I eat

 When I'm satisfied, I get happy.

 When I get happy, I get geeky.

 Thus this:

 Presenting my web bored-busters: - Make anything! I mean wow!!! If there were 8 days in a week. I'd turn Extraday to make something day. I told you... geek exposed. - Mom always taught me to question things.    So the "hows" of the world is answered with this site. Plus, being part of "Time Magazine's 25 Websites we can't live without" gives this lovely site extra eye batting rights. - Oh shut up! You know you love her! Isn't it always great to pick on others? Yeah,   even Spielberg's roaring Jurassic Park exposed that camera man just when Mr. Dino was going about his hunting business in the kitchen. How about a car passing by Frodo is in the land of the rings. And the best, Cameron Diaz, screaming "Lucy" instead of her character's name in Charlie's Angels. Nice to know, movies are human-made. This is how i think. Really!:-p Looks like my diary... less the personal                                                                             drama. Beautiful Photographs! Amazing flying                                                               photons everywhere! - Just checking if you're still reading:-p - It's my web space game portal. "Search"                               could possibly be my fingers most go to word online.

Of course local sites are just as promising and entertaining. You probably know them too well already, especially those blogsites. So there. Hope your "bordance" can be slightly "cured". Otherwise, catch my disease.