Monday, November 7, 2011


So this Bakling thing, I've been doing it for years. I have an excuse. 
It's the Taiwanese & Japanese in me.

The Bakling being done by me

Even she does it.

Me again. 

The Backlings

Friday, October 7, 2011


I keep saying it and I'll keep saying it! I love airplanes! Every ride is a joy! Being up amidst clouds, served by a smiling stewardess, and just literally away from earthly concerns for a few hours, is a little piece of heaven for me. I savor every plane ride I get. If only I could have ridden more flights with my father as the captain. Regardless, every plane ride is a joy. The occasional turbulence that wakes your senses and makes you feel more human the stronger it gets. The system that goes behind the precise service of what seemingly looks easy. The magic that each Pilot does every take off and landing. Ahhh... truly a mini piece of heaven in a jumbo jet!

Now, i'm no jet-setter, only a jet-lover. With the times that I get to travel, whether for work or for experience, I make it sure to plan my plane ride by stocking it with books, magazines, my journal, and a pen. Not to mention allotted time for in-flight movies, documentaries, and a little bit of milk tea sipping. When the stewardess asks "Coffee? Tea?", I'm the one that says "Yes. Tea please, with extra cream and sugar" . In-flight Milk Tea.

For this ride, I got to do all that is stated above including watching a dramatic Hollywood movie (One Night) and a wonderful Picasso documentary. I enjoyed my KE flight, although I'm really a China Airlines and Eva Air baby.

    No, not the screen. The tiny button-like coat/cardigan/whaterver you want to hang hanger.
Yummy Bibimbap with instructions. I'm also an airplane food lover.
Handy-dandy practical airplane stickers.

Now where's Korea in all of this? Here... :D

- C

Monday, September 5, 2011


A thought is a powerful one. You can either think forever or make that thought count and happen.Today, a project comes to life. Not perfect, but yes, it is born. Online ticket booking & purchasing at I will grow this baby.

Now a few more thoughts to grow and my family will be complete. Baby steps. I believe in "Family Planning".

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Northern Escape

Our Northern Escape was cancelled twice. First, due to technicality reasons, and second, due to a tsunami warning. When it finally pulled through with a date worth working on, there was no looking back as we headed up. It turned out to be more than an adventure tour. The food offerings were just too great to pass on as well. From the halo halo vendor to the wonderful Pinakbet pizza, we were sold. Of course the main highlight was just what we expected. Sand-boarding rush! Add to that our wonderful 4x4 driver that spun us around the dunes making sure that  it was a joy/scream fest/messy ride for us!

Paoay, Laoag, Vigan, and Pagudpud were worth the trip. Be sure to pack some patience and be prepared to ( literally ) eat dust . Patience, for the long ride to make it the roadtrip it truly was, and a bit of guts to eat, tour, surf the sand, and swim in cold waves as well. We had a 2yr old and a 4yr old with us who had both of that! It was then I came to realize what Vich really was about. It's not a business, neither is it a creed. Vich Addventures was exactly what I could not find myself. There's no need to expound on this. Just try it! Live an ultimate weekend and you'll know what I mean!

                   Arriving around 8am and touring Vigan
The Vich-es for Ilocos

                           Ang Ganda ng Pilipinas!
                                   Lovable adventure couple
                              I love my All-Terrain Slippers!
Mother and Daughter Rockstar pair no. 1

                                    Blowing Windmills

                                       Comfort Soup!

                              Mother and Daughter Rockstar pair no.2
                                         Pinakbet Pizza
                                          Our NewFoundFriends for the day
                                     Windy Pagudpud
                                             Carl surfing on sand
 This was the position my son chose for our 12hr ride back to MNL

'til our next adventure, Live your ultimate life!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Hot Sunny Sunday

I've been wanting to find time to paint & today was perfect. Mainit daw, so I decided to paint waves and and an electric fan. I only had a canvas and a watercolor set. I found a broken glass frame and used it as my paint palette and an old make up brush to use for painting. It's not done though. I still plan to put torn pieces of a map and my dad's drawings (He sketched some stuff on the paper placemat at Chef's Table and I kept it) on the side to give it texture. I'm no surfer, but those waves are pretty cool don't you think? I was inspired by a Japanese artist. Hindi sa mahangin ako, but I'm pretty stoked with what I did for just an hour :D Sunday well spent!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


All aboard Sand Boarding in Poaoy, Ilocos!

We're at it again! OPEN CALL TO ADVENTURE TO ALL AGES 18 and Up..UP..UP! Free up your weekend for some fun and adventure! This coming July, make way to meet awesome new friends and try something new. Presenting the latest craze in Ilocos… Sand Boarding! If you’re a child at heart and slides are your thing, then prepare to take it to the next level! Here’s what’s sliding down on April 8-10 this 2011! 

April 8, 2011
Pack up and get ready for one of your most memorable weekends this 2011. Head over to our meeting place. We take off by 10:00PM sharp to make it to Paoay early in the morning Obviously, sleep is the itinerary of the night.

April 9, 2011
Welcome to an action-packed day! Here goes roughing it out!

10:30AM- Pass by for breakfast (fastfood)
11:30AM- We arrive Pagudpud, check-in at PUNTA AZUL BEACH RESORT at BLUE LAGOON ( go google) Nothing fancy but decent and beachfront!
12:00PM - Lunch at Near by resort (Punta Azul does not serve meals but there are plenty of , nearby resorts that does)
1:00PM- We head towards Bangui Windmills, Kapurpuruan rock formation, Cape Bojeador
3:00PM Drive to Sand Boarding place at Laoag
4:30-6:00PM- Sand Boarding & 4x4 wheel drive
7:00PM - Dinner at Laoag (Robinsons resto/ fastfood/eatery... etc)
9:00PM- Drive back to Pagudpud (2hrs) 

It’s body jumping and humping style on 4 wheels!  No boring situation here as we get on specialized boards for our Sand Boarding experience. Sit, Stand, or dive, it’s your choice as we surf the sands of Paoay! 

April 10, 2011
 We head back to Manila for the usual grind up ahead of our lives. No worries though, you just had yourself some awesome adventure and kick-ass pictures to get you by!:) 

8:00AM- Breakfast
9-11- Swimming 
12:00 Lunch at nearby resort
1:00 Departure

*** Optional Vigan stop

Then head back to Manila (12hrs) 

Inclusions: Roundtrip Transportation (2 rosational drivers); Sand Boarding & 4x4 ride, Pagudpud Accommodation & Mentioned Tours
Exclusions: Meals & Personal/Additional exoenses not mentioned
*12 more available slots

Get on this NorthScape! Email us at or reply to this by giving us your email address, name, and cell number and will send you further details. Option date is on April 3,2011.  

Live you Ultimate Life!=)  

Yours in Adventure and addVentures,

*Photos not users own.

Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 means Rock & Roll!

So six months or so after unfortunate events... I'm alive and kicking still. I kid you not. Last year was a training ground for life's disaster and I'm proud to say I've learn to breath even in barely breathable ones. I will not take credit for any of it though. Of course my parents have much to do about saving a sinking ship. My husband abs-olutely turned into my Hercules (carrying a ref 12 floors down). Gavin most definitely led the pack to a more hopeful perspective on things. God and all that jazz was always forgiving of my queries and merciful despite my unholy thoughts (Eeeeep! I just had one right now again!). 

Now that a perfect ten has been replaced by drumsticks, it only means it's time to rock n' roll. I've decided to roll with the punches and be a rockstar while doing so. I promise to take it easy on myself while I push hard on myself <--- grey areas are the new painting of the town red kind of thing huh? And speaking of red ( I'm sorry Ms. Eala for starting my sentence with a conjunction), it's Chinese New year in a few. Second chances are made real by a another calendar (2 new years in a year---AWESOME).  So no excuses. Ever since I was told by my dear sister to bite the bullet, I've been spitting out slugs (Pistol lang kasi) and using gun powder for make up. Every morning I wake up to my very own not so blackboard and read the mantra while having my fattening (I gained 10lbs. after learning to eat my breaky) breakfast...

I've also had melt of cheese and heart as I started the year by saying "hello" to someone I use to despise. Somehow the universe conspires and repeats itself, which only means that I guested in a show and this victim was made to face a previous assailant who by the way acted nonchalant about everything. After all, it were years ago, who could blame the guy. So I sat as a juror and put on that smile. 

Thankfully, I've learned to be thankful of everything still. Thank you.... Thank you... The little cute blessings of meeting and having speaking lines with John Lloydy Cruz ( be thankful even for the most jolog things). The big blessings of having wonderful travels and adventures (Be thankful for what scares you and opens your eyes). The amazing blessing of life, living people, and of this world (Be thankful for people around you and that your not dead or killed yet). Thank you... Thank you... 

Hip Hop Rabbit Year! Here's a little breakdance move to get the 2011 party started;)