Friday, April 16, 2010

Ang Bitag ng Pulag...CONQUERED! :)

Blue Moon on Saddle Site

 So National Geo!                                    

     "Cloud 9"
Sunrise Love Birds

           Me taking a photo of our Photographer... Mark:)
                                                     Like little ants on God's earth bumps

It's always nice to be on top of things. In this case to be on top of Luzon's highest mountain. We took Camp 3 (Saddle Site) and darkness caught up with us. I could feel everyone wanting to push me over for taking the longer, harder trail... but it somehow paid off. We had the awesome view of the full moon on our right and the sun setting on our left. And might I add the main course, sea of clouds! That's what I call priceless! VR almost fell off the mountain, and he would have been the first "Tanga" of Pulag" (no death has ever been recorded from climbing Pulag). Tito Jun, our 60+ year old first time climber, was truly an inspiration. I could not sit my freezing ass when the man would be in front of all of us giving his very all to this hike. Sustagen Prime anyone? To all our VICHES that day... Thank you for taking this journey and getting high with us last January 2010!

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side dish: Most of us went with no porters... Yes, we were macho like that!:)