Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Let me tell you about the greatest love story of all...

It was tragic, full of drama and adventure. It was crazy and yet as awesome as it can be! It was IMPOSSIBLE, but hey we did it because Adidas said IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING:)

Happy 4years of married life to my favorite husband in the world! :) Our advice for lasting 12years in love? DON'T DO IT! Lol!

P.S. We are  outliers. Don't try our love story at home.

                    Soooo Gwapo! Look at my 12 year old crush ( and still crushing & <3 )
I was Butter. He was Fly. Ok. I 'll shut up now. Hip Hip Hurray Year 2000!

And as my wedding vow goes... "To infinity & beyond"- Buzz Lightyear.

How to make a MESSY BACKYARD PARTY! :)

I've always wanted to have a backyard party for my son. It just seems cooler and a lot more fun. Then I came across "Messy Parties" online. Oh the joy & excitement it brought to me! See most of us were taught that "messy" is just downright wrong. I knew it would post a challenge to get the kids to warm up to all the icky & yucky goo I plan to have. Then again, kids will be kids. 

I highly suggest having goo' old fashion backyard parties. If you could make it a "messy" one then all the better. This one is good for grown ups too by the way:) 


1. A backyard, garden, front lawn, or any other (safe) outdoor home space is needed of course. It could be your space or a friend's who's (REALLY) nice enough to let you ruin their garden. The grassy areas tend to be the safer choice. Having a pool posts more hazard threats but adds to the fun. No, I'm not making you choose between fun & safety here, but please take note of things like this. 

2. Decor is a must! No kid wants to feel like they were dragged out of their home to just be at someone else's home. Yes, "homey" is the key, but it still is a kiddy party! We used banderitas, colored paper, printed and stuck Gavin's pictures to form a huge number 3 which served as greeting wall too, ( it was my little cute alien's 3rd year on Earth). We covered tables with random printed cloth and Manila paper. We even had an edible Jello aquarium center piece (homemade by Twinkle Ferarren) :). 
3. In our city,most  party guests are used to being spoiled by a hired party host . I had wonderful SPIT friends hosting 3 games but I wanted them to enjoy the party as well. So the rest of the time, kids were made to explore on their own. We had stations just to guide people. "Grub Station", "Goo Station", "Clean up Station" ( water hose and an empty plastic pool), "Art Station",  "Bubble Station" and even a sign to lead people to potty areas. 

 * Art Station were just kiddy tables covered with Manila paper with painting activities ready for them. Paint clay, bandanas, or on the table! Even the adults sat in here! This station was open until 9pm. :)
 * Bubble station - A blow-up baby pool filled with bubble solution and a hoola-loompa-loop.
 4. Ah! The Games! Relay games with slides, improvised tunnels, pool filled with homemade goo, gunk, and more! Teams fought to search each "pit stop" for an angry bird toy (Im not a fan. it just happened to be the only thing we found good enough to be hidden and searched for). Other messy game ideas below:
 * Tent filled with umm... umm... "trash". Newspaper, old cloths, flour, and other "messy tent stuffing".
 *Any game with whip cream, ice cream, or pie is a perfect mess!
 *Pop the balloon and win a prize. Of course balloons were slimy and filled with flour for that wonderful sticky feeling!
 5. Add the DIY touch as much as your sanity and time can allow you to! We made party hats by folding colored papers into two and sticking the ends together. Snip the top part halfway and create slits for that crown effect. Add beads, shells, and ribbons for decor. Don't forget to punch holes on each side  for the ribbons/garter! We made a lot and left them as decor on the table as well. Spent hours making a lot of these while cursing Martha Stewart, but they turned out to be the cutest add-on of the party! :)
 6. Do not forget to get Messy and have fun!

***For details on suppliers used, ( all were friends willing to do the same thing all over again just coz it was so much fun!) just message me :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

HOPEy Easter!

Last year, our Easter was spent in Highstreet. Mom was still with us. It was a beautiful Sunday. Mom was playing with Dad, throwing paper over his head and having fun with Gavin. I could remember her telling me to straighten my back and fix my posture, us taking pictures, and her smiling. It's been a year since that wonderful moment.

This Easter, we decided to stay home. We all painted eggs in funny ways. I also hid the eggs in the garden, which Gavin earned Php60.00 for finding all five. I'm not sure  how that  amount was divided per egg found, but he earned it anyways and placed 3 of each 20 Peso bill in his red gas tank bank. We stayed home because we were tired from being in Subic the day before. We stayed home because it saved us time and money. We stayed home because I wanted something new and sweet for Gavin, a good memory, just like what mom left us.

Below are our painted eggs. It's actually fun! Easter Sunday 2012 went good. Hope was in the air.

Meet the Easter Homemade Eggs (Counterclockwise): 
1. Angry the crackhead (This one really got cracked, thus the angry face)-Paint by Gavin, Face by VR. 2. Gavin's Marbled Egg. 
3. Aliens & Boobies- a collaboration between Gavin and I. 
4. The boring typical Easter egg by Chal.
 5. And the winner is...WATERMELON EGG by VR. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life after Death

Death is the last thing I would ever know to handle. Who does anyways? Ever since I've experienced it, life has never been the same. I could still damn remember how I was loudly whispering in the ER, "I believe in miracles", saying it one million times, expecting that the lifeline would change and a cough or jerk would happen. My heart still jumps out of my chest whenever I remember that moment.

3 months and not a day goes by without me yearning for her. She was so damn beautiful. Always have been, always will. I saw greatness and lived with it everyday. And guess what? There is no greatness without a hint of insanity. You would need to be partly insane to make great things happen. She always drove me nuts, but it  always came with jaw dropping brilliance as well. Beauty & Brains are the deadliest weapons of all time.

I hate heroes dying, but they do. Even Jesus did. The question would always be, what happens to life after death? Her life, and ours. That crappy word called "cope", wow! It is what it is. She would always tell me "Life is fair. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is up to us to use it". Well, I've been coping with my hours. My 24 fair hours have been traded to tweeeentyfoooourhooours stretched to its maximum potential. Every word she spoke, every smile she gave, and every memory she lent me, I damn love. I did not get anywhere with this, and I probably won't. One thing's for sure though, you'll go through it too. Other's and your's. You'll find yourself talking to yourself and trying to make sense while coming up with plenty of non-sense. Ay! There's the rub ika nga.