Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 means Rock & Roll!

So six months or so after unfortunate events... I'm alive and kicking still. I kid you not. Last year was a training ground for life's disaster and I'm proud to say I've learn to breath even in barely breathable ones. I will not take credit for any of it though. Of course my parents have much to do about saving a sinking ship. My husband abs-olutely turned into my Hercules (carrying a ref 12 floors down). Gavin most definitely led the pack to a more hopeful perspective on things. God and all that jazz was always forgiving of my queries and merciful despite my unholy thoughts (Eeeeep! I just had one right now again!). 

Now that a perfect ten has been replaced by drumsticks, it only means it's time to rock n' roll. I've decided to roll with the punches and be a rockstar while doing so. I promise to take it easy on myself while I push hard on myself <--- grey areas are the new painting of the town red kind of thing huh? And speaking of red ( I'm sorry Ms. Eala for starting my sentence with a conjunction), it's Chinese New year in a few. Second chances are made real by a another calendar (2 new years in a year---AWESOME).  So no excuses. Ever since I was told by my dear sister to bite the bullet, I've been spitting out slugs (Pistol lang kasi) and using gun powder for make up. Every morning I wake up to my very own not so blackboard and read the mantra while having my fattening (I gained 10lbs. after learning to eat my breaky) breakfast...

I've also had melt of cheese and heart as I started the year by saying "hello" to someone I use to despise. Somehow the universe conspires and repeats itself, which only means that I guested in a show and this victim was made to face a previous assailant who by the way acted nonchalant about everything. After all, it were years ago, who could blame the guy. So I sat as a juror and put on that smile. 

Thankfully, I've learned to be thankful of everything still. Thank you.... Thank you... The little cute blessings of meeting and having speaking lines with John Lloydy Cruz ( be thankful even for the most jolog things). The big blessings of having wonderful travels and adventures (Be thankful for what scares you and opens your eyes). The amazing blessing of life, living people, and of this world (Be thankful for people around you and that your not dead or killed yet). Thank you... Thank you... 

Hip Hop Rabbit Year! Here's a little breakdance move to get the 2011 party started;)