Sunday, April 8, 2012

HOPEy Easter!

Last year, our Easter was spent in Highstreet. Mom was still with us. It was a beautiful Sunday. Mom was playing with Dad, throwing paper over his head and having fun with Gavin. I could remember her telling me to straighten my back and fix my posture, us taking pictures, and her smiling. It's been a year since that wonderful moment.

This Easter, we decided to stay home. We all painted eggs in funny ways. I also hid the eggs in the garden, which Gavin earned Php60.00 for finding all five. I'm not sure  how that  amount was divided per egg found, but he earned it anyways and placed 3 of each 20 Peso bill in his red gas tank bank. We stayed home because we were tired from being in Subic the day before. We stayed home because it saved us time and money. We stayed home because I wanted something new and sweet for Gavin, a good memory, just like what mom left us.

Below are our painted eggs. It's actually fun! Easter Sunday 2012 went good. Hope was in the air.

Meet the Easter Homemade Eggs (Counterclockwise): 
1. Angry the crackhead (This one really got cracked, thus the angry face)-Paint by Gavin, Face by VR. 2. Gavin's Marbled Egg. 
3. Aliens & Boobies- a collaboration between Gavin and I. 
4. The boring typical Easter egg by Chal.
 5. And the winner is...WATERMELON EGG by VR.