Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've braved Ondoy with my son and my husband, swimming across murky waters in Magallanes just last year. I just finished a weird ordeal of having to explain to people that I was not some girl in some ugly picture. This year, after getting to move out and slowly designing our own place and loving the view and space that we have, the unthinkable (yes,unthinkable because who would have damn guessed it) happens. 

2 weeks ago, a couple of people started to dig up in front of the condo. They were noisy alright but that was fine. We started to smell gas here and there and dismissed it. Until the "STRICTLY NO SMOKING" signs were put up on the elevators, see now that was alarming especially for my Vee. 

   This was taken last week from our windows. The same area            
                     now as been excavated almost fully.
         I hope you find what your looking for and seal it asap. 

To cut the tedious progress of this horrible experience, there was a need to evacuate. EVACUATE- a word I only hear in the news when a volcano erupts. I was in my ticketing class (which sucks as well)  as I received several text messages from people saying " hope ur ok... saw the news..." I was panicking because Gavin was still in the condo with yaya and they were not picking up my calls. My driver and I speeded and when I got to the condo, there was a media frenzy in the lobby together with the firetrucks. Awesome. I went up and was just happy to see Gavin and yaya reading Goodnight Moon. Then after trying to get some answers from the admin, the announcement came. Evacuate the building. Gosh. Where do I start? Ironically,we took as much as we could, leaving as much as we had. 

We still have plenty of our wonderful and important stuff in the condo. We'll need to rush them out bit by bit. Ref, sofa, tvs, furnitures, paintings, my clothes, antiques, etc. who needs to go to the gym?  I really thought that condo was a good catch. Similar to a chick going to a public school, only to realize she speaks good English and has good breeding after all, that condo served as well. Memories abound in that little piece of home of ours. 

The Night View (not counting the wonderful Makati Skyline and
the amazing bay's view in my son's room)


The amazing natural sunlight we get

So now the order is final. Say goodbye to 1208 and we must start making a miracle by getting a new place asap while praying really hard that as we retrieve our stuff out, the building does not blow up with us in it or even near it. Aren't you reminded of Quad (I grew up to know it as that)/ Glorietta blowing up a few years back because of gas leakage as well? 

As I read and see the news I hope the company responsible or whoever is acts on it asap. There are other homes and offices nearby. I really think instead of denying, why not just turn off the freaking source of the gas first! To our dear government , I'm sure human lives are worth more than the millions you get from pumping gas to gas stations. 

Anyhoo, we consider oursleves luckier than most. Our neighbor just remodelled her entire unit to the ultimate bachelorette's pad of the year... so goodluck to all of us I guess. As I digest with my husband everything we must do this weekend and everything that has happened... I can not help but ask, Dear Lord what's the catch? 

Side Dish: I Just remembered, our poor fish got left without food. Sorry dude.

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