Friday, October 7, 2011


I keep saying it and I'll keep saying it! I love airplanes! Every ride is a joy! Being up amidst clouds, served by a smiling stewardess, and just literally away from earthly concerns for a few hours, is a little piece of heaven for me. I savor every plane ride I get. If only I could have ridden more flights with my father as the captain. Regardless, every plane ride is a joy. The occasional turbulence that wakes your senses and makes you feel more human the stronger it gets. The system that goes behind the precise service of what seemingly looks easy. The magic that each Pilot does every take off and landing. Ahhh... truly a mini piece of heaven in a jumbo jet!

Now, i'm no jet-setter, only a jet-lover. With the times that I get to travel, whether for work or for experience, I make it sure to plan my plane ride by stocking it with books, magazines, my journal, and a pen. Not to mention allotted time for in-flight movies, documentaries, and a little bit of milk tea sipping. When the stewardess asks "Coffee? Tea?", I'm the one that says "Yes. Tea please, with extra cream and sugar" . In-flight Milk Tea.

For this ride, I got to do all that is stated above including watching a dramatic Hollywood movie (One Night) and a wonderful Picasso documentary. I enjoyed my KE flight, although I'm really a China Airlines and Eva Air baby.

    No, not the screen. The tiny button-like coat/cardigan/whaterver you want to hang hanger.
Yummy Bibimbap with instructions. I'm also an airplane food lover.
Handy-dandy practical airplane stickers.

Now where's Korea in all of this? Here... :D

- C

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