Monday, July 6, 2009

Quarter life crisis

It's definitely not the right time to start this, but why later when there's now?

I could remember early last year when the worrisome/confused feeling hit me. What the hell will I do with my life? I partied hard. Thought so well, and prayed. I prayed to God for some direction and just when I was about to fly down under, treat myself to a trip of a lifetime, God gives me direction. April 1, It was a no fool's day. I found out I was pregnant=) (makes me think if I should pray again when I need direction. Forgive me. The product is super good, but the factory is scared to re-open for the mean time). Skydiving cancelled, got hitched, and hosted a morning show in the entirety of my pregnancy. Then I realized, there were a lot like me. No, not the pregnant ones... those that were close to hitting their quarters and feel lost in their lives. Here's a post that I made prior to anything happening:

The replies are a living proof. Anyways, after giving birth, I needed some sort of adventure. Sitting your squished ass and pregnant belly for nine months could get a bit... well let's just say it got my feet itchy more than ever. I looked around and wondered what the singulars were doing. Ahhh... seeking some adventure as well. Weekend getaways here and there, adventure sports (the cooler, the better for them to post in multiply/FB), let's not forget bible study, cooking classes, travels etc... etc... Yes, some sort of meaning to their growing up lives besides getting hitched and pregnant. So what was more logical for me to do but to join an adventure race!=p Ahhh the high of getting dirty, getting your muscles work like never before, and driving your parents nuts! I'm sado-masochist like that! But of course, this was not my lifetime course... I'm quite the jack that tries fun thingymajiggies then moves on to the next thingymajiggy kinda person (only applicable to sports and hobbies). Then came a blog. Yes, I give the credit of this idea to my "lostness" and Mr. Anton Diaz. Then I realized... Eurika! "Vich"! Let's hope this works=)

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