Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's dive and I mean skydive!!!=D

I believe his name was Steve. We were verrrry close during those 10 minutes. I was looking for him and everyone told me, look for the dude that looks porny. He asked me if it was my first. Sabi ko oo. Then he said I'll never forget him. I said, with you on top, maybe I will. Haaaay, orgasmic. Then he pointed to the right. He said that was Arizona. Then he pointed to a couple of smoky factories on my left and said, that's the Philippines! The nuuuuurve... but then again, my life depended on him for the next couple of min.

After 1 year of holding my crave to skydive, I finally ride a plane and not land with it=) My love for planes has even grown 1 million times!!!=)

We arrived the diving center. VR's toes begin to curl. of course I found this cute. They made us watch a video looking like it was made early 80's with some voodoo man (old guy with Santa's beard) who supposedly invented the technology. Then the warning came. "You may be injured, you may break a leg (with sample video pa ha!) and You may die!". Tama ba yon?! Then the 4 paged waiver came that needed a dozen signatures of mine to make sure they all stay out of trouble if my 'chute decides to go poooft! Maling-mali diba? Then lastly the news... A few weeks back someone did die. the instructor had a heart-attack and of course since tandem, patay dalawa. Ok tama na! But nooo, rain started to pour, then it was announced that we would be grounded indefinitely! A thunderstorm arrives! Ano ba!!! Sign ba to na mamatay na ako??? But then I re-calculated my life's bearing. I'm to bad ass para kunin pa ni Lord=)

Then VR miraculously says YES despite his fear of planes. Thanks to the booby cashier that convinced him. Men always listen to other people but their wives. Anyhooo... eto na! The sky's the limit! Now what?=p

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