Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Daily Green

I never thought that Ondoy would hit us that way. The creek walls in our village fell and water rose up to our necks. Next thing I know, our sofas and glass balls from Vigan were floating here and there. Ann swam alone to check on us. Mind you, our street was really flooded! So kudos to my Presonal Red Cross Hero!:) We swam Gavin out in his little jet floater. We knew that the flood was not going to get any better soon and the stench of sewage water was present in all sniffs made. Not to mention, mosquitos, rat pee, whatever. There was a slight debate, to stay or swim out. By 5:30PM things were pretty much unpretty still so we took the dive. I never thought anyone could jetski on our village's main street and boy were rash guards in or what!


Geron by the house-help area right before leaving (swimming) to get us food at Pancake house. By the time he got back, water was neck-high.

Shame aside... here's the real question for me now? Can I still go green and smoke? Yes I am a smoker and in no way am I proud of it! I'm ready to change my ways for greener pastures but my occasional habit still can't be kicked off...as of now. For days now, I have been very mindful of where I ditch my dirty habit's waste. I hope this lasts my consciousness long enough until I quit. I am trying to find other ways to compensate for this issue. In the short run of my breath, I know more changes will be asked of me if I truly will take this cause to heart.

Anyhoo, to city-dwellers who are green-slouchers (we all are 1 way or another), here are very very very easy ways to get you started:

1. Use a jug instead of purchasing water bottles endlessly
2. Avoid take-outs to lessen the waste
3. Use as much natural lighting during the day
4. Do bill payments and similar transactions online.
(e.g. Citibank encourages online transactions)
5. Unplug phone chargers and PCs when not in use. Better yet, use a laptop instead.

Here's a test to see how green you are http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/how-green-are-you So far, I'm light green... must go darker!

We all need Captain Planet (No he is not Gary V, kamuka lang!) but he did say "Remeber... the power is yours!"

Peace everyone! Green Peace!

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