Friday, October 30, 2009

Kerfuffle Post

October is such an expensive month! I'm looking forward to November as long as it gets reasonable with me. Can you imagine a macbook, camera, condo dp, rent, furniture, etc all rolled into one bank account?! I'm still shaking October's hands though as I bid it farewell. It is after all still my month of birth, my lovey-dovey (<---yes, kill me for using this) anniversary month, and my fave holiday’s date--- Halloween! So goodbye Oc-oc… you’ve wiped out my wallet! Cleanliness after all is next to Godliness I guess?! At this point, God must really love me. Simplicty has been imposed on me thanks to "emptiness"... major wipe out surfer dudes!

I’ve been itching to post several things. However, my hands and legs are stretched from post to post, kinda like spider webs (funny mental picture here), as I make ultimate changes in life. More on this next time…In the meantime, let’s get down to business… green business! Another one of my time-occupying projects is now ready to fly! Knocking on all you Entreps (pronounce the first e as “Uhh” please) and business savvy people! Here’s a chance to make greens (and blues of course!) and go green as well! Presenting…Taaadaaah!!!

*If this comes out malabo then it is very much my fault. So just message me or something to get the clear version with attachments via email.

So if you’re interested or you know anyone who fits the bill then call, email, text... you know the drill! Hoping to hear from you people! Ok now sing with me! It’s BEGREENING to look a lot like Christmas!!!:)

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