Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Home green Home"

I'm happy to have survived the holidays that were. Imagine crusting with a big first time move to live on your own. Filled with a warm arrival from my sister and her family from Atlanta. Mix in the big decision of not having a maid, topped off with no time to shop and wrap for gifts (thus, our newspaper wrappers). My little cherry on the pie was a simple, loving Christmas and a calm and hopeful New Year. A big toast to all as I blend my homemade lemongrass juice!:) As I have slightly decided to go semi-green, I realized that this decision was coupled with a few pains, and yet earthly gains. As of the moment, I'm on the search for my own homemade all around cleaner. This means vinegar (Datu Puti in our country), baking soda, Dr. Bronner's and grapefruit essential oil shaking in one bottle spritzer right?

So as I ultimately start the year with the hue of Luntian and begin ventures that have been delayed in flight... let me share my little homemade felt Christmas tree. Ornamented with Christmas cards from received gifts...

Best perk is the starry shadows it casts on our blank walls! It's soo pre-school and yet soo cool! It saved me time, money, and sanity despite all the kerfuffle:) Scissors and felt paper rocks! Hope you all had an ultimate holiday!:)

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