Friday, February 26, 2010

Wag kang GamowwwLLL!!!

Like most people, I feel bare without a watch on my left wrist. It gives the feeling of completeness to my day’s outfit. As the New Year came, I decided to have my watches all tuned up and fixed. I didn’t make it to the store I usually go to so I ended up running to Powerplant mall, remembering that a watch store resides by Rustan’s supermarket. I luckily made it a few minutes before closing and was able to get 13 watches of my 20 plus watches fixed (or so I thought). The rest of my watches were quoted a P9,000 estimation for several fixing that it supposedly needed. I’m no watchman so I took everything that the (crook) “expert” advised me. However, I did figure out that P9,000 was a bit to steep for my mere Gucci, Lancaster, Guy Larachoche etc. watches, considering that he couldn’t explain to me fully what the damage were. Upon paying P3,000.00 for the other 13 watches, I managed to put my biggest smile to the owner and watchman and greeted them a Happy New Year!

A week after I decided to head to my watch store in Glorietta, taking all my watches with me for a check. To cut the long story short, I found out that the watch store in Powerplant played the nastiest trick on my tick-tocks! All the batteries that they changed were already old and leaking. This would have caused my watches more damage. They also loosened the batteries of my other watches so as to cause it to stop and make me believe that there was more than battery changing that was needed. Lastly, they tinkered with my other watches (that I did not have them fix because of the crazy P9,000.00 bill!) and pulled a few screws here and there. By some struck of fate, a woman in my trusted watch store overheard my conversation and mentioned that she was crazily billed as well by the store in Rockwell that’s why she decided to head to Glorietta instead.

I was fuming! Messing with the insides of my watches is a serious offense and an indecent touch! Those watch-Rapists! VR and I headed straight to Powerplant and started talking to the storeowner. At first, the woman pretended to be an employee, until one of the staff squealed that she was the owner. The watchman seemed so confident despite the evidence, forcing me to believe that he truly had the backing of the woman owner. They tried to haggle with me, but I wanted the full amount back. After which, they took my “proof” for the crookedness they did (too long to explain what it is) and that’s when they returned to me the full P3,000.00. I did report their modus-operandi (always wanted to use that word hahah!) to the admin. However, they were consigned under Rustan’s supermarket. This insane story is actually longer and crazier, but the point is… BEWARE of those crazy crooks! I always considered watchmen and their skill to be art, until this. Only time will tell until those &$@#!$&*@ get what they deserve but I sure hope it happens sooner than later.

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  1. cash and carry have this good watch repairer. plus they give warranty.. Rustants consign them to save on cost cos they are prudent or trying to be, according to one of their relatives..