Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who says shopping is fun?

   Today I shopped for 3 "new" pairs of          shoes in Mom's cabinet. 

was never big on shopping. It doesn't excite me like how it excites other women. I spend good money on others, experiences, wonderful service, & good food, more than shoes, clothes, & bags. Maybe because I grew up with a Grandma & Mom who shopped well for me. Maybe because I grew up being happy with my sister's hand-me-downs and mom's vintage stuff. Regardless, I'm happy my credit card is not tied to things and I'm proud to say, this hasn't impaired my fashion sense. If any, I've gotten more creative and had so much fun with fashion because of this.

Let's be fair. I shop from my Dad too. His old sweaters and polos make great office  & everyday comfy-wear with a few cuts and adjustments. 

Yes. I still buy my occasional Stella Mcartney Adidas stuff. No. I do not go gaga over LV's latest release. I'm quite lucky to be able to shop in my mom's closet. It was always her intention. She knew shopping for stuff would not go to waste, since she has 2 daughters to pass things on to. I personally love all her amazing 70's stuff! Vintage!  Fashion is a not so sick cycle. 

I've always wondered, with everything being made and produced everyday, where does all the wornout clothes go? Years of dumped old clothes are filling up the earth and it doesn't really hurt to lessen production & consumption. So hurray for me and doing my part for earth's sake! 

My mom would always joke, some people need to dump themselves with brands allover to make up for their ugliness. And if their's anything I've learned, buying experiences will always be more rewarding. 

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