Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just do it 2014!

I'm quite OC with plans and goals. This year, I'm surprised I haven't written anything on my black book. No reSOLUTIONS (yet), which I annually have. Quite odd. Then I got it! This 2014 is about doing! No press releases, just all action!

What a beautiful way to start the year! Close to nature, high above the ground, and next to my boys! 

Glad I finally grabbed the chance to meet with Buko the birdman. Carmona Flightsite was a good Jan 1 hangout. Winds were gusty but no regrets at all! I'm 1 step closer to my dreams!:) 

Cheers to a healthy, active, cool, rich, successful, amazing, destined, & blessed 2014!!!

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