Monday, August 4, 2014

A little feel good link for Jack and Janes like me :)

Ahhh... Exactly just what I needed. I have been going about this year with passion projects here and there. Not just this year. Throw in last year as well, or the year before that. I find myself judging myself because of these wonderful Passion projects. Am I not focused enough? Should I not be a master of 1? Oh! And where are the billions that came along with my wonderful creativity amazing brain?

It must be because I'm turning 30.  It could be because I've been watching TV again. For whatever it is, this video came in timely! A real gem for Jacks and Janes like me. Thank you for the honesty, the truth, the beautiful story, and for the FULL story!

The Full ( beautiful & inspiring) story here:)

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