Friday, January 31, 2014

The Dragon Dance

I didn't think I'd be smiling much today. Such occasions make me miss my Mom a whole lot. Somehow, things turned around.

Happy Chinese New Year! This year, keep it simple and keep it real! 

Saw these kids in Chinatown earlier today. A blue crate, a piece of red cloth, a few empty milk cans, and a whole lot of gusto and imagination! They rocked it! There is a lot of wisdom to be picked up with those kids and that photo. 

   We missed Mom so much, we decided to have this impromptu dinner. 

A little walk around China town to get our senses up... Really, a treat for your eyes, boon for your nose,nostalgic for your ears, & fun for your tastebuds, but an awesome experience altogether. 

My son had his eyes on this vendor's "goods". We ended up buying a green chick. It won't stop chirping. My son loves it so much he named it "BOO BOO CHICKEN". 

And that was Chinese New Year for us. The coming of Lunar year makes for a good second chance to any already failed resolutions! Lol! 2014 is looking good, as long as you make it good!:) 

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