Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scarf Attack!

When I rode ANA late last year, I couldn't get my eyes off on how their stewardesses wore their scarves. It was just so Asian chic! Lo & behold! Google led me to You Tube, and scarf tutorial magic happened!

Ladies, this is worth watching! My mom's closet carries lots of scarves in all shapes and colors. I had to find a chic way to use them, and tadaaaa! This video is the answer to scarf boringness. Reminds me of how pretty Taiwanese women would walk down the streets of Taipei with all their lovely scarves worn with so much panache! I'm promising to try one of these soon!

I never understood how women could spend thousands for a scarf and use them like they were "bimpos" around their necks. This tutorial can make any cheap piece of cloth look chic around your neck. Well not "any" or  not on anyone still (lol) but yeah… something to that effect...

Watch this and never have a boring scarf day again!:)

The simplest way to wear it and still look polished.

The ones worn like rose necklaces were very pretty!

Didn't see this on any of them during my flight, but this is worth trying out too!

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