Wednesday, September 23, 2009


L I V E Y O U R U L T I M A T E L I F E!

So you’re sick and tired of the same night-outs and just want some adventure?

You probably want something really fun and outrageous but just don’t know where to find it?

Maybe you know you could do all those cool things you see on TV and read about on magazines but just got a bit intimidated with all the pros around?

You probably just want to meet new people that carry the same passion, yearning or interest?

Or maybe, you just want to have that “astig” shot as your facebook profile pic and proclaim… “Been there, done that!”

Well whatever it is, we have the answer to all that and more! Vich Addventures provides you with the adventure and high of your life all in a day or weekend’s time without burning your pockets! It’s the real ecstasy to life sans the partying!

Think of it as the cutest and coolest club ever that you’ll be part of. Specifically designed for Manila City dwellers and wannabe adventure junkies. We’ll update you, make sure your city life goes on but the thrill of adventure and meeting new friends stays at a growing rate! It’s your once in a month slice to an ultimate life! Yes, once a month, because any more than that, then you should have been a mountaineer right?

How does it work?

Gather up your friends. Register you names and contact numbers to get your slots. Upon confirmation, pay via assigned payment schemes. Pick the adventure of your choice, and clear up your weekend! Dress for the occasion and hype up yourself for an action-packed day! All else will be taken cared of by our pool of experts and adventure junkies. We provide the action, excitement, yummy meals, transportation may be arranged, well experienced guides, medic, and photographer (Believe us! Pictures are a must!).

Why Vich?

Wow! Where do we start? We all know that at a certain moment in your life, all the partying will suck you up drunk and there will be something more that you’ll be looking for. Call it adventure, zest in life, excitement, whatever… Well that’s what we provide! Imagine being with friends, family, and a whole bunch of other chimichanggas communing with nature, loving Pinas, and breaking the rules! We also made sure that your pockets will be happy. It’s a weekend thing, so why must we burn your wallets for some thrill? So before you know it, your back in the city, ready to tell people of your adventure and have them drooling over your experience and live vicariously through all your awesome pictures posted!=p

Ok, enough barking…it’s time to bite the travel and adventure bug! Lets’s begin!

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