Thursday, September 10, 2009

You win sum, You lose sum... Thank God for Dim sum!!!=)

I did not make it to the final 5 for Fun Taiwan. That makes me undiscovered for Discovery Travel & Living channel. However, I have no regrets... How can I? Out of roughly 500 people, I made it in. Plus the sole Pinoy. My heart is bursting with joy with that alone=p Best part, more than meeting hotsy Janet, the rest of the undiscovered were just too awesome=) It felt like summer camp, only better because we were all legal enough to drink=) It was nice sharing our love for hosting and Taiwan with one another! Wo hen Ai ni men! Nax!=D And to Discovery Phil. can we have Wow Philippines on air as well?

After getting locked up in a room ( a nice one though) for 10 hours. All 27 were called in for THE announcement. Final 5 became final 6...

If I were Hindu and to be reborn again, Dear Lordy, please make me ME or HER=)
I've never been this happy locked up in a room full of (wonderful) strangers!

So the lesson of the day: I know I should have listened to my mom about learning my Mandarin better. I could imagine my mom saying the ever so famous "I told you so..." line.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure this will be airing this year. My only fear is that I listened to some people and yes... did my MJ moves with cameras rolling! Pls. Pls. Pls. do not show this... I may have shamed the rest of my countrymen=O I did get people to be interested to come to Philippines though. That should make up for it right?=D

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