Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Taytay Falls in Majayjay. Indeed, the water is so clean that you could still see a one-peso coin if you drop it in the 10-feet pool!”

In line with my birthday celebration and Vich Addventures rough opening, I’m inviting you guys to rough it out with me! Please register asap! Let’s get to know Mother Nature a lttile bit more…. She’s not all wrath!:)

When: October 17, 2009, Saturday, 5:00AM-5:00PM

Where: Taytay Falls (Imelda Falls) Majayjay, Laguna

What: Easy trek and a fun hike

Astig Waterfalls Rappelling

Catch Basin ideal for swimming (SUPER CLEAR WATER!)

Binalot Pinoy lunch by the falls


1. Register the following to ultimatevich@yahoo.com




Mobile Number/s:

Home Number:

Home Address:


Email Address:

2. Package fee is P1,500 per person. Inclusions are Rappelling, guides, medic, packed lunch, post-adventure pictures to be emailed to you. Transportation may be arranged. Either we find someone you can carpool with or we will need to rent an air-conditioned van for an additional P500.00/pax. Please indicate if you will need one. Last day of payments will be on Oct. 11, Monday.

3. We will send an actual itinerary after knowing the final count of everyone who will be coming. We will also send a list of what to bring, reminders, directions, and all the other nitty-gritty things you’ll need to know. An optional briefing may be held prior to October 17. We will update you with all information via text and email.

*ONLY 30 Slots will be available. Only registered participants will be entertained.

Chal’s note: Hey Guys! I hope to see you all get wet with me on Oct. 17, Saturday. Payment details and Itineraries will be discussed after confirming your registration. It’s my birthday bash on a different level, approximately 15 meters highJ Feel free to text or message me all your questions. But I assure you, upon finalizing my actual guest count, everything will be given crystal clearJ SEE YOU ALL! Everyone Invited!!!:)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


L I V E Y O U R U L T I M A T E L I F E!

So you’re sick and tired of the same night-outs and just want some adventure?

You probably want something really fun and outrageous but just don’t know where to find it?

Maybe you know you could do all those cool things you see on TV and read about on magazines but just got a bit intimidated with all the pros around?

You probably just want to meet new people that carry the same passion, yearning or interest?

Or maybe, you just want to have that “astig” shot as your facebook profile pic and proclaim… “Been there, done that!”

Well whatever it is, we have the answer to all that and more! Vich Addventures provides you with the adventure and high of your life all in a day or weekend’s time without burning your pockets! It’s the real ecstasy to life sans the partying!

Think of it as the cutest and coolest club ever that you’ll be part of. Specifically designed for Manila City dwellers and wannabe adventure junkies. We’ll update you, make sure your city life goes on but the thrill of adventure and meeting new friends stays at a growing rate! It’s your once in a month slice to an ultimate life! Yes, once a month, because any more than that, then you should have been a mountaineer right?

How does it work?

Gather up your friends. Register you names and contact numbers to get your slots. Upon confirmation, pay via assigned payment schemes. Pick the adventure of your choice, and clear up your weekend! Dress for the occasion and hype up yourself for an action-packed day! All else will be taken cared of by our pool of experts and adventure junkies. We provide the action, excitement, yummy meals, transportation may be arranged, well experienced guides, medic, and photographer (Believe us! Pictures are a must!).

Why Vich?

Wow! Where do we start? We all know that at a certain moment in your life, all the partying will suck you up drunk and there will be something more that you’ll be looking for. Call it adventure, zest in life, excitement, whatever… Well that’s what we provide! Imagine being with friends, family, and a whole bunch of other chimichanggas communing with nature, loving Pinas, and breaking the rules! We also made sure that your pockets will be happy. It’s a weekend thing, so why must we burn your wallets for some thrill? So before you know it, your back in the city, ready to tell people of your adventure and have them drooling over your experience and live vicariously through all your awesome pictures posted!=p

Ok, enough barking…it’s time to bite the travel and adventure bug! Lets’s begin!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nuance Blog: My alphabet stops at letter "I" today

I remember my (re)solution this year. Half of which was a success. One mysterious one got to me... "3. Be more of me". Maybe because the year before I was pregnant and was ruled over by those pesky and need I say ballistic pregnancy hormones. Looking back as early January '09, I'd like to believe I have gotten myself molded into that resolution. The imperfect balance of crass and class and the admittedly impulsive self that I have always made myself to be. How can I live with regret knowing that despite occasional defeats I have come to terms with the word 'I"? Now I know "I" each day, and to think it took me another life out of me to get to the point of getting to know I more. Ironic isn't it? I would like to think that in a war, I would be your 2nd line soldier standing on war battlegrounds. Hoping the first liners are not instantly turned into chopped bloody flesh, but if they do, their mistakes will be my learning's. Then I would willingly allow myself to be of sample for the next battle lines to live by... dead and more likely to be alive. How disturbingly not great some might think. Second liner? I am a middle child after all. Being in the first would make it more stunning or even belonging to the last could still be somewhat defining. However, that is exactly what I am proud of. A proud discovery that I am that. It feels good to be scrubbing my own skin now.

With everything that I have been sporadically told (I refrain from using the word accused) of, most of which are untrue. Funny thing is, I smile as I realize the evil that I have been associated (still avoiding the word accused) with, because somewhere along that dark force was a decision I have made for myself and to be more of me. Besides, had I gotten any close to perfecting the etiquette of niceness then I would be next to our Lord right now in heaven. No complaints here, only too early... I hope.

To the advice of choosing my battles...I do choose my battles. More often than not, I choose them all. That is choosing my battles still. I will subtract as my knees wiggle and swiggle along the line of life. For now, my battles are in good hands and in pretty numbers. I become a fierce fighter only in times of inadequacy. I rarely come prepared. Being right-brained has made me more efficient impromptu. However, when I play with fire, I am ready to get burned. All out (that's why people do not regret). That is the secret to winning despite possible loss.

Yesterday I wanted the cookie to crumble so bad. I could have made the clacker run to her daddy's grave and cry like a river (Thank you JT), similar to what someone else has done. I did make a decision however not to approach the killer-lard and simply deliver a four letter word... no it is wasn't a curse even. As I turned around, I know it will have it's dayS. The days have come for her in (present horrendous) physical form and attributes it continuously (and verrry confusingly) displays. And in total disregard to any management in anger, permitting myself an "I" moment here, I will wait for the day that a quadruple X coffin will be needed to be made for her. Evil? Nope, just your average human being. Boy can I hate! But I can assure anyone, with a sincere (Ehem! spot keyword please) apology, my heart melts. But then again pigs can't fly and hams don't talk. So I'm quite definite I won't be hearing the word "sorry" anytime... at all. it will probably be tuck on some nasty human folds left unwashed. Let me play defense here by saying that despite the vagueness and possible negativity of this paragraph, it is all part and parcel of being an ultimatevich and living an ultimate life. If yours has gone smooth, then that would be bad news for life's theme park and bad sales for your roller coaster ride.

By this paragraph I would have lost you already way too much. Taking you from pillar to pillar with no rhyme or reason that would be of any use to you. And (starting a sentence with a conjunction... tsk! tsk!) at this point I have gotten to use the letter I as rampant as traffic is outside of DLSU taft. I couldn't careless. This is the whole point anyways. Like what I said, I'm a happy scrubber and it is my skin after all. Go exfoliate yours! :)


On a different note: a few more odd postings and the promise of adventure will surely be posted soon!:)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Even though I'm quite a Raketista, I highly believe in the power of entrepreneurship! It's something my mom has instilled in us early on, and it's something I highly recommend. They do say that there are 3 ways to survive in our country...

1. Be a an artista
2. Be a politician
3. Have your own business

As much as I prefer all 3 (=D) reality will tell me that #3 is what can get me to heaven and get me there sans the drama. So yes, please attend this later!=) I swear by my pinky toes it will be worth your day!=)

9/11 * SMX CONVENTION CENTER * 8:00am-6:00pm


You win sum, You lose sum... Thank God for Dim sum!!!=)

I did not make it to the final 5 for Fun Taiwan. That makes me undiscovered for Discovery Travel & Living channel. However, I have no regrets... How can I? Out of roughly 500 people, I made it in. Plus the sole Pinoy. My heart is bursting with joy with that alone=p Best part, more than meeting hotsy Janet, the rest of the undiscovered were just too awesome=) It felt like summer camp, only better because we were all legal enough to drink=) It was nice sharing our love for hosting and Taiwan with one another! Wo hen Ai ni men! Nax!=D And to Discovery Phil. can we have Wow Philippines on air as well?

After getting locked up in a room ( a nice one though) for 10 hours. All 27 were called in for THE announcement. Final 5 became final 6...

If I were Hindu and to be reborn again, Dear Lordy, please make me ME or HER=)
I've never been this happy locked up in a room full of (wonderful) strangers!

So the lesson of the day: I know I should have listened to my mom about learning my Mandarin better. I could imagine my mom saying the ever so famous "I told you so..." line.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure this will be airing this year. My only fear is that I listened to some people and yes... did my MJ moves with cameras rolling! Pls. Pls. Pls. do not show this... I may have shamed the rest of my countrymen=O I did get people to be interested to come to Philippines though. That should make up for it right?=D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Discovering the news

There's so much bubbles and butterflies in me now. This news is one of the best. It's very satisfying, similar to a well cooked steak served with truffle spinach and tasty foie gras matched with pears (gutom!). It's so satisfying that I'm actually ok to be sent home early after getting flown to Taipei this coming Sun. 30 candidates, all with suaveness and style is more than my Mandarin can handle=p I'm just happy! Soooo happy!=) It's been awhile since news like this has plastered a smile on my face for more than 24hrs.

As my twitter makes twit twit, "YEEEEEEHAAAAAAW!!!=D YiiiiiiiiPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!=> http://www.discoverychannel..."

Hope people get their happy news today! I'm sure you will, It's a Friday!=)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's dive and I mean skydive!!!=D

I believe his name was Steve. We were verrrry close during those 10 minutes. I was looking for him and everyone told me, look for the dude that looks porny. He asked me if it was my first. Sabi ko oo. Then he said I'll never forget him. I said, with you on top, maybe I will. Haaaay, orgasmic. Then he pointed to the right. He said that was Arizona. Then he pointed to a couple of smoky factories on my left and said, that's the Philippines! The nuuuuurve... but then again, my life depended on him for the next couple of min.

After 1 year of holding my crave to skydive, I finally ride a plane and not land with it=) My love for planes has even grown 1 million times!!!=)

We arrived the diving center. VR's toes begin to curl. of course I found this cute. They made us watch a video looking like it was made early 80's with some voodoo man (old guy with Santa's beard) who supposedly invented the technology. Then the warning came. "You may be injured, you may break a leg (with sample video pa ha!) and You may die!". Tama ba yon?! Then the 4 paged waiver came that needed a dozen signatures of mine to make sure they all stay out of trouble if my 'chute decides to go poooft! Maling-mali diba? Then lastly the news... A few weeks back someone did die. the instructor had a heart-attack and of course since tandem, patay dalawa. Ok tama na! But nooo, rain started to pour, then it was announced that we would be grounded indefinitely! A thunderstorm arrives! Ano ba!!! Sign ba to na mamatay na ako??? But then I re-calculated my life's bearing. I'm to bad ass para kunin pa ni Lord=)

Then VR miraculously says YES despite his fear of planes. Thanks to the booby cashier that convinced him. Men always listen to other people but their wives. Anyhooo... eto na! The sky's the limit! Now what?=p